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Hi, if you’re coming over from Firepole welcome! If you’ve come to my blog today coincidentally, welcome as well! If you’re one of the later go check out the guest post I did over at Firepole regarding the best way to manage a social media campaign. Guiding your way through the twist and turns to success rather than launching a campaign and hoping for the best.

Those of you coming from Firepole, thanks for stopping by. I had hoped to have a number of post made recently that would hook you on my blog. Unfortunately this time of year has been crazy busy between school, work, and rugby. That being said I have written articles but didn’t like how they turned out. Therefore they ended up in the digital trash bin. I encourage you to look around the site and if you like it, keep checking back. Once the rest of my life calms down I’ll get back to writing on a more regular basis.


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Time Management – Being Busy Makes Us Better!


It has been a while since I have written anything. This is mainly because this time of year is nuts. Moving back out east for school, rugby training camp, working, trying to find another job, trying to find time to find good articles to share, and finding time to write my own stuff. As much as I complain about being busy I am much more productive now than I am once things start to settle down. Being busy makes me better. A lot of our rookies for rugby find the training schedule daunting. Trying to fit rugby in with school work and other activities around campus. Any vet can tell you though that grades are better during the rugby season because you are forced to manage your time better.  When you have a lot on the go you have to manage your time wisely.  If you have class 8-12, then practice from 4-6, and you work at seven, then you need to get work done in that 12-4 window. That’s the only time you have so you need to use it wisely and you do, because if you don’t it forces you to cut into another activity or your sleep. On the other side of things when rugby season is done and I have a lot more free time I find I’m much less productive. You have 5 hours of free time, you should work on a paper for 2 hours so you give yourself three hours to play video games or go out with friends. Since videos games and friends are better than work that three hours quickly becomes four and that 90 paper becomes a 70 paper.  Without the strict need to manage our time we end up managing it poorly.

Top 10 Time management tips: http://www.lifehack.org/articles/productivity/10-ways-improve-your-time-management-skills.html


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PR Manager for a Superhero Part 5 – Showtime!

business meeting conference journalism microphones

Say what you want about the old lady with the crazy cat, but Mrs. Norberry’s chocolate chip cookies were amazing. After Max had saved her cat she had sent over around seven dozen cookies. I had barely seen Max in the last week. He was really taking what I said to heart and was out doing the little things helping out the average Joe while laying low from the media.  The media was starting to become an issue though. Max was gaining quite the following online, as you could expect a real life super hero would. Smaller media outlets were starting to take notice and as I was the only contact Max gave I had an ever growing inbox asking for information or an interview. It wouldn’t be long until the big names started to come knocking. I had to act soon, I had to show Max to the world on our terms not the terms of some journalist who could twist his existence any way they wanted to make money. I need to do something big but I needed to control it.


Top 3 URL Shorteners

140 characters

We live in a 140 character society. Our attention spans are dwindling. We need to get our points across quickly and effectively, and because of this we can’t be wasting characters on things such as full URLs. The thought of it is just ludicrous. Thus we need the ability to shorten these lengthy URLs. Below I will list my top three URL shorteners. If that’s all you want to know well great they’re right there, but if you want information on why URL shorteners are good and bad or why these three are on the list and why others are not I will discuss that below. Without further ado top three best URL shorteners:


Every Social Media Dimension You Could Ever Need 2014!

Social Media Image Sizing Cheat Sheet 2014!

I do just enough design work that a can never remember the dimensions for various images on social media sites. Every time I need to stop what I’m doing and Google the dimensions. Often I get multiple answers because social media platforms change all the bloody time. So here is my July 30th, 2014 Cheat Sheet. If things change I will try to update this. Feel free to share this if you hate scouring the internet for dimensions as much as I do. All dimensions are in pixels. If you’re working on designs using a different scale, stop it.

Social Media Demensions


Hope this helps! If you are looking for a great resource for making sure all your social media icons are up to date check out Dustin Stout’s Social Media Icons Database here: Social Media Icon Set

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Sell the lawn not the grass seed


It took me a very long time to realize this. I had made the perfect pitch. It outlined all the attributes of the product why it was a great fit for the customer. I had designed great visuals and copy to accompany the pitch. Everything was in place for the perfect pitch, it was going to be an easy sell. Except the whole thing was wrong, and was going to bomb when it was pitched.

When marketing a product we want to flaunt all the great aspects of our products. We want show the customer all the information we spent hours writing up. Unfortunately the thing is, the customer doesn’t care about all the great attributes of our product. All they care about is that what we are trying to sell them will solve a problem they are having. It doesn’t matter if the grass seed you’re selling has an industry leading nitrogen rate. All that the customer cares about is whether or not this particular grass seed will give them a lush green lawn.

So put the ego aside, the pitch that makes you look the best might not be the best thing to sell a customer on your product. Instead pamper the customers ego, sell them on a product that is going to make them look good. That will give them the lush green lawn all their neighbours will be jealous of.


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PR Manager for a Superhero Part 4 – Treat them like people, not potential fans


“I hope you appreciate this,” Kyle said, as he set the package down on the table. “Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a material that can resist both extremely high and extremely low temperatures?”

“Can’t say I’ve ever thought about it,” Max said between sips of coffee.

It was 5 am, far too early for anyone to be awake, but it was the only time Kyle could meet. Considering I was paying him in IOUs I wasn’t going to try to dictate his work. He was doing me a huge favour and I promised I would find a way to work in that the only super hero in the world was wearing one of his designs. Kyle said the brand value that would generate would be much more valuable than any money I could dig up. Which is true, as long as I do a good job promoting Max that is.


How to actually gain readers and traffic – Why you aren’t famous on the internet yet

elevator to success


We have all been naively optimistic at one point or another in regards to our online presence. Joining Instagram or Twitter with dream of 100k followers, your tweets retweeted to the masses. Starting and blog with the hopes of gaining 10k readers a day after your first post. We’ve all been guilty of this, myself included. Then reality set in, we discover we haven’t instantly become famous and we get discouraged and often give up on these accounts or blogs.

People everywhere want a quick path to fame. Don’t believe me? Look at Google, there is thousands of posts about “gaining blog traffic quickly”, “how to gain 1000 Twitter followers”, “Tools for a successful blog”, ect.  People want an elevator to internet fame and success, but if it was as easy as the push of a button everyone would have 10k followers and our notion of success would change. The path to success is stairs and if you want to get there you need to take them one grueling step at a time.  (more…)

Top 5 reasons not to treat your social media the same!

So many platforms

I continuously hear people talk about how great it is that you can link your social media accounts. If you’re wanting to share a picture of your cat to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flicker, Pinterest, or any other that’s fine. You know why? Well to start no one really cares about your cat but more importantly you aren’t trying to market your cat. However, if you’re a business that is trying to market something via social networks for the love of god don’t post once and have it go to all your social media at the same time.


“I didn’t poison the water!” Building trust in landing pages


I didn’t poison the water!

Over the last few months I’ve developed an interest in landing pages. This is both out of necessity and actual interest in the fact. In marketing it is incredibly important so it isn’t the worst thing to be interested in. Through this interest I have been listening and reading up on anything by Oli Gardner (Unbounce) and Rand Fishkin (Moz), both of these guys are experts in the field. In this post I am going to discuss something I learned in these last few months that should have been obvious to myself and everyone but it is a common mistake.